The Sustainable Family Office

You wish to make sure your wealth is not only preserved and responsibly handed over to the next generation – it should also serve a purpose. You wish to support society at large with it, protect our ecosystem, and be a driver for change towards a new economy. Rooted in sustainability and circularity.

Preserve your wealth.
Hand it over responsibly.
Put it to good use. 

The Sustainable Family Office works with you, your extended family, and your family office to develop a shared vision for all stakeholders involved. A vision which goes beyond just turning assets into more assets. Your wealth will serve a purpose and have a positive impact on our society, our ecosystem, and the way our economy works.

Join forces with many others to be a driver for positive change towards an economy based on sustainability and circularity. 

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We work with Senior Management and Boards of Charities, Foundations, Family Offices, and Private Banks/Asset Managers on ...

... developing and reviewing their philanthropy and impact strategies,
... creating sustainability and impact investing offerings,
... bringing together (future) clients, donors, grantees and other 
    stakeholders through conferences, seminars or round tables,
... design and facilitating workshops and retreats.

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Sekundärer Titel

About me.


Daniel is an alumni of INSEAD/France, HSG St. Gallen/Switzerland and Canterbury/UK with studies in International Management, Strategy, Change management, and Sustainability. His career includes positions as senior strategy manager for multinationals, as CEO of a large charitable foundation, and as advisor for sustainability and developing countries. 

Today he and his team support wealth owners and their family offices in putting their assets to good use for people and planet. As a member of various business networks he is well connected with key decision makers, sustainability, company boards, philanthropy, and impact investing.